Julie and Steve


Day three of the juice fast and I should be very busy working (if my agent Bob should read this, I am only joking, of course and I am very busy working working working), but  instead, due to the whoo whoo of the juice fast, I find myself transfixed by Turner Classic Movies.

Each August, TCM presents Summer Under the Stars for the whole month of August, during which each day is dedicated to twenty-four full hours of the best movies by a particular movie star.  And while each year for some unknown reason we have to endure yet another tribute to Katharine Hepburn, other days bring unexpected bounties.  Yesterday, the second day of my juice fast, was Julie Christie day, which is, for me, the best of all possible days.  The Go-Between.  Far From the Madding Crowd.  Dr. Zhivago, of course, and the part in which they are living in the ice palace and he is writing the poems for and about Lara and she is there with him, more beautiful than any actress ever before or since. And, of course, Darling–one of the best of the best of the best movies ever made.  Julie Christie was one of the rare actresses who was so beautiful and, at the same time, radiated such intelligence and charisma that it was easy to accept that, in a movie like Far from the Madding Crowd three men all love her enough to be willing to die for her or kill for her, or that, in a movie like Dr. Zhivago (which would have been a long, slow-go without her), the Russian revolution seems to have been caused because of her.

Today, it’s Steve McQueen.  Not quite the same thing, but similar in terms of charisma.  Again, something in him transcends acting, or renders acting unimportant.  There is something that happens when the camera points to him that makes him seem cooler, slicker, smarter and much much braver than you and I.  With The Blob done and Junior Bonner yet to come, it is another day done, a mixture of carrot juice and old movies as August continues to burn away outside my window.

Three days of fasting and I continue to fast.


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