Toxins Upon Toxins: How Can You Know Your Medicine Is Safe?

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It’s in the news virtually every day now.  Allopathic medicines, which, by their very nature are poison toxic now have become even more dangerous.  Why?  Because the giant pharmaceutical companies are not content with the huge profits they are making.  Now they seek to make a higher profit by releasing sub-standard drugs to unsuspecting patients on a global level.
When is enough enough?  We are already seeing consumers turning to homeopathic medicines by the millions, in spite of the ongoing shitfest against them that is being waged by the British and Australian groups known jointly as the “Skeptics”  (a group so ill-read that they can’t even get their own name right–there has never been a group so staunchly behind allopathic medicine and against everything else, no matter how valuable it may be, the term “Skeptic” implies a searching and open, if critical mind–these folks are have done no research, make no attempt a real discovery, and will do nothing to risk their staunchly held values.  Might one suggest renaming them “Luddites?”  It seems a better fit.)


Well, today’s news is that Glaxo, that outstanding example of global greed and allopathic incompetence, is now having to make its settlements with the individual states for the toxic and/or ineffective drugs (Toxic and ineffective?  Something of an allopathic home run!) that were sold earlier this decade.  For a full report, click here.


What amazes me once again on reading this is the LACK of outrage.  Why do those who use allopathic drugs never seem to raise a fuss when it turns out that their medications that cost them an arm and a leg may well also cause that arm or leg to fall off, among other “Side Effects” and that those who are literally shoving allopathic shit medications down the throats of sick people never seem to take a stand to make their medicines safer or more effective–only ever more expensive.  And, again, where are the Skeptics on THIS issue.  If they so want to prove that allopathic medicine is better, bigger, stronger and that it can beat up homeopathic medicine any day of the week, why don’t feel the same passion for cleaning their own house as they do in attempting to ransack ours?  Where is their snark?  Why aren’t they protesting Glaxo?  Why are they , as ardent fans of the allopathic way, making sure that allopathic medicines are as safe as they can be and that their production is completely and totally above the sort of breakdown as Glaxo experienced?


Is it that it happens just too often?  Or is it that so many people die of allopathic treatments in any given year that we have all simply numbed to that issue.  Or have we, as I suspect, bought the bill of goods, the complete bullshit party line that tells us that killing patients, or making them choose between ailments (as we found out this week, with heart drugs significantly increasing the potential for diabetes), or taking pills with only the hope and no solid proof that they will work and not kill us (sort of a Russian Roulette of medical treatment) is good enough medicine for the average person.


I am glad that the states are getting some sort of settlement.  But about the patients who took their diabetes medicine believing that it was safe and effective, only to find out the hard way that it was not?  What about those taking Glaxo’s drugs for depression, who found out that Glaxo was about to give them something to really feel depressed about?  What can ever truly compensate them?  And how can EVER  take any allopathic drug again without experiencing a certain dread, and harboring a certain fear that this might be the drug that kills them…

Is Sally Field Trying to Snap Your Bones Like Twigs?


Hey, I’m not one to say, “I told you so,” but I have been telling you this for thirty years now.

Now the New York Times is telling you so as well.

Allopathic drugs are not safe.  Every allopathic treatment comes at a price.  Sometimes the price is fairly simple–the suppression of symptoms that will, over time, reemerge, because they have not been healed, only shoved more deeply into the system, until they seem to disappear.  But only temporarily, only for a time.  Allopathic medicine, from cold medicine on, is all about getting to pretend you are not sick when you are, all without actually doing anything to actually bring about a cure.  Read, learn, and then choose your best path to health.

Other times, when the illnesses are more serious, when they are chronic or even life-threatening, like those discussed in the Times’ article, the price of allopathic treatment is much too high.  Allopathic drugs for osteoporosis that cause bones to snap.  Allopathic drugs for diabetes that cause heart failure.  This is medicine?  This is healing?

“Skeptics” (and, oh, how I hate that term–how can you call yourself a skeptic when you made up your mind on the subject years ago?) are quick to say that homeopathic remedies have no therapeutic benefit whatsoever–that they “cure” by placebo effect.

Let’s think about this for a second.  Even if that were the case–and it is not, homeopathic remedies are not only safe to use but very effective when used appropriately–wouldn’t it be better and safer in the long run to be treated by a placebo than by a toxin?  For all those whose bones snapped because they listened to Sally Field, wouldn’t you have been better off by doing NOTHING than by taking a drug whose “side effect” is to cause the very ailment that the pill is supposed to prevent?  And for those who sadly died of a heart attack, quickly and suddenly, that was caused by the drug that they took to treat their diabetes, well, what can you say except the thing that the allopaths always say when the patient dies:  “We did all we could.”  Indeed, once again, the allopaths have done all that they possibly could have–they killed the patient once more with the treatment that was supposed to have cured him.

Just this once, as it is Saturday and it’s been a long week, I will not rail at length against the FDA, an agency that continually sells us down the river to the pharmaceutical companies that release these drugs and that profit from the deaths of the consumers these drugs and an agency that, on the other hand, is ever suspicious of natural and safe forms of medical treatment from which there are not gigantic profits to be made.  (See my past post for details. This one was good, too.)  Suffice it to say that the FDA is on the job, as ever.

Had enough of medicine that kills instead of cures?  Had enough of the politics of healing?  When it comes to healing–to getting totally well, it’s time for a change.