Looking Into Your Natural Medicine Cabinet


It seems like everyone I know is publishing a book these days.  Which is great.  We can never have too many good books on health and healing, since, it seems to me, that that is the most important topic we could spend our time exploring.

The new book in question right now is Your Natural Medicine Cabinet, but Burke Lennihan.  It has a publication date of September 1, 2012, but it is available for purchase today.

What sets this book apart from others on similar topics is that, while this book is certainly homeopathy-centric, it is not limited just to homeopathic remedies.  Other therapies related to homeopathy, notably Bach Remedies and cell salts, are also considered, as are supplements and herbal remedies.

In other words, Your Natural Medicine Cabinet takes a more general, naturopathic approach to family health care.


The book is well written, well researched and very well organized.  Everything is according to diagnosis, with conditions listed alphabetically and treatments outlined for each condition.

So it should be very useful for many common household emergencies.  With one proviso:  you should never wait until the emergency to read the book.  Spend time with it when you get it. Absorb it, consider it.  Then, when the emergency comes and your husband has a toothache in the middle of the night, or you baby has a fever at 2:00 a.m., you will be much more centered and focussed in your reaction and much more helpful to your loved one.

One question, though.  Should I be bitter than, in listing her favorite books on homeopathy, Dana Ullman and Miranda Castro get the lion’s share, with Amy Lansky and Judyth Reichenber-Ullman also on the page, but none of my books are mentioned?  Surely not.  No.  Certainly not.

Homeopathy Under Threat: What YOU Can Do

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I got the following email today from the British organization  H:MC21, an organization dedicated to keeping homeopathic medicine available throughout the world in the 21st century:



“A number of Medicines Acts are being consoidated and simplified. However, if the proposals go into force as they stand:

“You would no longer able to get homeopathic medicines by phone or online
To get any unlicensed homeopathic medicine a face-to-face consultation would be required at a registered pharmacy. Unlicensed medicines number in the thousands and make up the majority of homeopathic prescriptions, while there are only 50 licenced homeopathic medicines. This will also mean you cannot legally buy unlicensed homeopathic medicines online or over the phone as you currently do.

“Homeopaths would not be able to dispense or prescribe medicines.
“Homeopathic practitioners would not be able to dispense unlicensed homeopathic medicines to their patients. This arises because homeopaths are not recognised by this law as being supplementary prescribers and it will be illegal for homeopathic pharmacies to supply them with the essential (unlicensed) medicines required for their patients.

“Patients would have to get homeopathic medicines personally at a handful of licenced homeopathic pharmacies in Britain
Hundreds of thousands of people who currently have prescriptions filled for unlicensed homeopathic medicines will be unable to obtain their urgent medicines. The estimated 6 million users of homeopathy in Britain cannot be expected to be supplied medicines face-to-face by less than five licenced premises.

“Stop this from happening by writing to your MP.”

You can identify the name of your MP here.

You can find out who sits on what committees by going here.

“It is critical that you include your name and address (with postcode) and that you personalise your letter with your own views and experiences.

“Notes about letters to MPs

“Keep the letter short (a page or less), and emphasise any points which are relevant to the particular MP.

“It is not necessary or recommended to include all the text suggested here.

“I’m deeply concerned a draft proposal set out by the MHRA as part of its consolidation and review of the Medicines Act 1968 could have a significant impact on my ability as a patient to access homeopathic medicines in the UK.
In its current form section 10 of the proposal would only allow unlicensed homeopathic medicines to be bought directly from a pharmacist face-to-face, in effect outlawing the purchase of these medicines over the telephone or via online ordering. This would mean I would be deprived of the medicines that I have found to be so beneficial to my health.
There are only five homeopathic pharmacies in the UK, so most homeopathic medicines are ordered from these specialist pharmacies either by phone or via the Internet. Therefore the enforcement of section 10 in its current form will have serious consequences for the six million people in the UK who choose to use this form of complementary medicine.
If not revised the proposal would also have serious consequences for more than 2,000 homeopathic practitioners, many of whom would find it impossible to treat patients like myself because they can no longer obtain the appropriate homeopathic medicine.
I understand that a central plank of government health policy is to increase patient choice. Section 10 will eliminate choice for people like me who want to be treated with homeopathy.
I would like to call on your support in getting the Health Minister to revise slightly the proposed language of the revised Medicines Act to ensure that I have continued access to a full range of homeopathic medicines and my right to choose homeopathic treatment is maintained”
“Other activity:
“H:MC21 is working on getting other activity off the ground, and more news will be sent out soon.

There is also a petition at AVAAZ.

And here are complete details on the act itself.

“This information is also available on the H:MC21 website.

“All the best from the H:MC21 team.”




Now, what completely galls me is that those who oppose homeopathy seem to be dead set on taking away the freedom of choice that those of us who find value in homeopathy wish to make.  What right have they?  It violates every basic freedom and right–what indeed could be more basic than an individual’s right to choose what form of medical treatment he chooses for his OWN BODY?–that each individual lucky enough to live in a democratic society enjoys.

Wake up Britain!  Pay attention.  This potential destruction of a basic right to choose is far more important than you can possibly know.  If homeopathy is taken away today in response to the very loud (and very wrong) voices of the few, what right will be taken next?  If you can’t enjoy the freedom to choose the medicine that you wish, just how free are you to make ANY decision?


Don’t just sit there and let this freedom be taken away.  Speak up.  Make a noise.  Get mad.  And get very very loud when you get mad.  Post this article on your own blog.  Tweet about it.  Let the world know that you care, whether you are British or not.  This is not a British issue.  This is a basic human right that is being seized.  We should all have something to say about it!


Maybe It’s “Something in the Water?”


Another friend has written a book.

Sue Lanzon, a noted British homeopath, has just finished work on her book, Something in the Water and I was lucky enough to get to read the manuscript.

Something in the Water is funny, charming, intelligent and will challenge your every idea of health and healing, as you read about specific cases and their cures.  Those of you who are students of homeopathy already will learn a great deal from this text.  Newcomers be warned, this is not a primer on homeopathy–nor should it be.  Instead, it is an advanced work, one that encapsulates Sue’s many years of studying and working in the field of homeopathy.  We’re lucky to have this book available and I hope that you will take a look.

Here’s the link to Sue Lanzon’s Facebook page dedicated to Something in the Water.



Short Rant: Statin Drugs, Diabetes or Heart Disease, Your Choice


I haven’t ranted about this sort of crap for a while, but a new article in the New York TImes concerning newly found risks in taking statin drugs to lower cholesterol levels has me back in the same frenzy that I entered every other time the Times has told us all about the risks that allopathic crap drugs carry.

Don’t believe me.  Here’s the article.  Read it for yourself.

What makes me particularly crazy is the fact that doctors see a 9% increase in the chance of developing diabetes as a “side effect.”  And that they find this increase to be completely acceptable.  From the story:

“’I don’t think it’s very clinically important,’’’ said Dr. Steven E. Nissen, chairman of cardiology at the Cleveland Clinic, who consults with drug companies that make statins but requires his fees be donated to charity. ‘What I worry about here is that people will read this story and say, ‘I don’t want to get diabetes so I’m going to stop my statin,’ and then they have a heart attack.’’’
True, nobody wants anyone to have a heart attack. But shouldn’t we all share a desire that the medicine we take be safe AND effective?  What good is  an allopathic piece of shit drug if it, to some degree (let’s not get crazy and think that statins ALWAYS prevent heart attacks), prevents one disease, while it, so some degree, increases the risk of another.  Millions are at risk of diabetes.  Millions and millions of Americans are living at the threshold of the disease, live with insulin resistance or “syndrome X” as it is called.  What would happen to them, to those already living with high risk of diabetes, if they were to take the statin drugs to prevent heart disease.  So many of the causative factors of heart disease are the same for diabetes and vice versa.  Can a drug that causes an increase of possibility of one ever be a wise treatment for the other?

How is it possible that we have a medical system in which a significant increase in risk for a terrible disease is seen as a “side effect?”  It boggles the mind.  And yet, to the millions who have been so dazed and confused by a lifetime of hearing allopathic bullshit propaganda, it all starts to see as if it makes sense.  A few will die from the drug, and a few will be saved by it.  Only fair.  Only fair.

What makes me so sad is that there are other methods and other medicines that can be equally effective in the treatment of high cholesterol that don’t involve the same risk that allopathic medicine does.  Isn’t it high time that you gave that some thought?  That you stopped taking medicines that put you at risk when you take them and, instead, found something that is safe and effective?

May I suggest that you explore homeopathy?

Oprah, Isaac Newton, Homeopathy & Me


Like most of the rest of the American public that enjoys the freedom to watch television in the middle of a workday afternoon, I recently watched the last three episodes of “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” the two-part special featuring a twenty-five year assortment of topics and guests and the final, quiet, Johnny-Carson-inspired last show.

In that last show, Oprah told us that she wanted to leave with us a few of the principles that guide her life.  It was one of these principles that made me sit up and take notice.

Because this was the first time in all these years that I was aware that Oprah and I had something—or someone—in common.  And that someone is Isaac Newton and the something his Third Law of Motion.

Now I have to admit that I usually take a break at four in the afternoon in order to watch Judge Judy enact her Senior Rage against those who allow themselves to be foolishly placed in her power by her television production staff, so the switch to Oprah, with my usual cup of tea, was not so unusual in terms of time period, just in terms of content (the lack of yelling “Stand Up!” was amazing).

About a third of the way into the show—just as I was quite honestly considering taking a look to see who Judy was hectoring that afternoon—Oprah suddenly mentioned Newton, in a manner similar to the way that I have brought in up in my classes over the past twenty or so years.  She used Isaac Newton to explain the spiritual concept of Karma.

Before showing a great clip from the film “The Color Purple” in which Celie finally stands up to her abusive husband Mister and tells him, “All that you have done to me you have already done to yourself,” Oprah explained that, as a universal principle, Newton’s Third Law can be applied to everything in our universe—applied to our own lives and how they work as well.

At that moment, I thought of another moment a long time ago, in which I finally understood homeopathy on a fundamental level when I realized that it is the embodiment of Newton’s Third Law—that it is the Third Law applied to medicine.

The great thing about using Newton as a learning tool, is that he comes already loaded in the hard drive of all our brains.  Whether we remember the year in school in which we learned it or not and whether we remember that it is called Newton’s Third Law of Motion or not, we all know it by heart:  “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

Every time I bring it up in class, I start by giving them the first part of the statement.  I say, “For every action there is,” and I’ve yet to meet a student yet who does not fill in the second half of the equation, “an equal and opposite action.”

Then I simply tell them that, if they understand that, they already understand homeopathy.  Because the First Law of Cure states the same thing:  “Like cures like.”

Homeopathy, you see, is the only form of medicine that works by Newton’s principle, that works WITH the laws governing our universe and our bodies.

Allopathic medicine works in direct opposition to Newton’s law.

Think about it.

If you have a patient who is ill and if you can picture that sick patient as swinging on a pendulum from a place marked “Health” to a place marked “Illness,” then that patient is swinging from Health to Illness.  The allopath, because he gives medicines that work in opposition to the symptoms that the patient is experiencing naturally in his illness (he gives, for instance, a medicine that dries up the sinuses to the patient with a cold or allergies and gives a medicine that puts a patient to sleep for the patient with insomnia, etc.) gives the patient a potent (and some would say toxic, but let’s worry about that another day) medicine that sends that patient abruptly swinging the other way.

This is the honeymoon period of the allopathic dose.  For a time, the allopath’s medication allows the patient to pretend that he is not ill, as the medicine, through its direct and primary action suppresses the patient’s symptoms of illness.  It is important to note that, of course, they are still there, the medicine in no way has cured the cold or the insomnia, only allowed the patient to not have to feel them for a brief period of time.

But then something happens, that equal and opposite reaction.  And the honeymoon period ends.  Because the body reacts to the medicine and, again, sends the patients swinging in the opposite direction—this time toward illness.  And the patient is left with a choice:  keep taking the medicine, often in greater and greater doses in order to achieve the same result (because the body will continue to counter the action of the medicine, in keeping with that Third Law of Newton’s) or experience an even more powerful form of the illness that has been created by working AGAINST the equal and opposite action.

On the other hand, homeopathy works completely in keeping with Newton’s principle:  when you give a homeopathic remedy, you are COUNTING ON the equal and opposite reaction in order for the healing to take place.  Homeopathic treatments are based in the concept that the body will heal itself—that in all cases of medical treatment, the purpose of the medicine is to assist the body in healing itself and not to take over the self-healing task from the body (another important topic for another day).

So homeopathic treatments work like this:  The first or primary action of the remedy is actually to continue the patient’s arc INTO illness.  This is why so many homeopathic treatments begin with an aggravation.  Because the remedy given will, in a totally well person, create the symptoms that the patient is experiencing naturally (already all on his own), then the remedy will actually enhance the symptoms and, in doing so, will alert the immune system that a more powerful response is needed than had been planned for.  In this way, the homeopathic treatment actually assists and enhances the immune response.

The equal and opposite reaction in this case is for the body’s immune function (Vital Force for all the Vitalists out there) to push back against the symptoms associated both with the illness and with the remedy (that acts in a manner just like the illness—remember:  Like Cures Like) and, in doing so, bring about a healing response.

Unlike the allopathic treatment in which the symptoms are suppressed and hidden for a time, the patient numbed to his own pain and suffering, in the homeopathic treatment the symptoms are removed, not by the action of the remedy, but by the body’s own healing mechanism, which has been assisted by the remedy’s potency.  How good is that?  How elegant and how in keeping with the way in which we heal?

Given that Oprah can make the leap to see karma as the expression of Newton’s Third Law, I live in hope that one day she will see how homeopathy is the embodiment of that law in terms of health and healing.  And then, on that day, homeopathy will gain its greatest advocate.

May that day come soon.

The Miraculous “Non-Event”: A Homeopathic Healing


I am in a really great mood today.  And, frankly, I am in it because of homeopathy, which has spurred me on to post this.

You see, a few years ago, I began to develop arthritis.  Like millions of other people my age—in their middle years—I find that each new decade brings new health challenges.  And, sadly, I also find that the healing process is getting longer the older I get.

I have, over the years, developed issues with arthritis in most of the joints in my body.  Happily, with treatment—I tend to favor homeopathy and acupuncture as the two modes of treatment that work best for me—I am free of pain and restriction most of the time, which is great.  I am neither dependent upon painkillers, nor do I have to ask for steroids in order to function, so, most of the time, I have no complaints.

Recently, however, I have been complaining plenty.  Because the arthritis finally discovered that I have knees.

Up to now, I have bragged that I have no pain whatsoever in my knees, that I am free to bend, reach, stretch as much as I want.  Then one day, that ended.  A few days ago, left knee swelled up to the size and color of a ruby red grapefruit and felt as if someone had, overnight while I slept, attached a car clamp to the joint.  As my knee was immobilized, I was pretty much immobilized and could only get up off my bed with the help of a cane, huffy breathing and a gallon or two of pure willpower.

I began receiving acupuncture treatments for my pain and found some immediate relief and soon found that I could move my knee a little as well.  But the recovery was slow and I found that I was burning time, since, despite their names, laptops do not really work very well when placed upon the lap.  Most days because a blur of video games on my iPad, books that I am reading to review and reruns of Judge Judy, which signal the end of yet another workday and the onset of the evening news…

But, to the point—and the point is homeopathy.  Once again I have been reminded of just how exquisite a thing homeopathic medicine is and of the fact that, when you are healed as a result of homeopathic treatment you are healed indeed.

Last night, having had a rather bad day in which my attitude had been colored the pain, I decided to take a homeopathic remedy in spite of the fact that I had had acupuncture recently.  Now, as a rule, I will never combine the two of them, as I consider them too similar in their impact upon the body to blend.  They are, after all, both forms of energy medicine, and work by breaking through blockages in the Vital Force and bringing about a state of balance in the whole system.

But, when you are in pain and there is no one watching, you tend to give things a try.  So I took a dose of a homeopathic medicine I had on hand and, blessedly, I woke this morning with a totally normal and pain-free knee.

This experience reminds me of every other one like it that I have personally experienced or witnessed over these last three decades.  What to me is so amazing, so profound about the way the homeopathy works is the simplicity of it.  The fact that, in many ways, the process of a homeopathic “cure” is a non-event.

I took the remedy last night before I went to sleep.  I did not feel anything as a result of taking it.  I was not numbed or put to sleep, I was not made nauseous, nor did I have labored breathing or any other side effect of the sort that you hear listed at the end of every television commercial for allopathic medicine.  No, I just felt…nothing.  As I say, it was a non-event.

But the results—they’re something totally different.  Because the remedy works with the symptoms and not against them, it served to help my body in its own healing process, in working with the inflammation and pain and pushing it out of my body.  The remedy did not mask or numb anything.  Instead, it boosted my own healing process and assisted it in putting things right, in removing the inflammation from my body.

As a result, I woke this morning with no pain and with a fully functioning knee.  When I woke, I got out of bed and had to stop and remember that I had been in pain and that I had had issues with the knee over the past few days.

No more walking as if from the Ministry of Funny Walks.  No more cane.  Just a knee that matches the other one, step by step, inch by inch.

Where do I go from here?  Will I need another dose of the remedy?  At this point I can’t say.  I know enough to wait and see and, in the meantime, to do nothing.  If the swelling or pain begin to re-occur, I will take another dose of my remedy.  If not, I will not.  I would be very happy and very willing to have this whole thing dealt with by a single dose, as that is a perfect example of homeopathy in action…

From Educator to Activist


I feel that I am undergoing a change.  Something that maybe has been happening in the background while I have been busy doing other things.

I think that the way I view myself in terms of homeopathy and the global homeopathic community is changing.  Not because I had intended it to, or even wanted it to, but because it has to.

Those who have been reading this blog are aware that I have been studying homeopathy for thirty years now, teaching the principles that guide its practice for twenty-five and authoring books, educational materials, articles, blogs and tweets for years as well.

Until now I have done all this for a very simple reason:  for the love of homeopathy.  As anyone else who does this sort of work will tell you, you don’t do it for the money.  With eight books in print and the next one coming out this spring, I can honestly tell you that being an author on the subject of homeopathy is one step up from being a Match girl on New Year’s Eve.

Now, however, at the moment in my life in which I thought I would lie back and rest a bit, at the moment at which many of my fellows retire or semi-retire, I have instead decided that there is simply too much work to do for me to rest on my laurels.  Although all the books I have written are still in print, and while there is a great deal that I have written on the subject of homeopathy that can speak for me when I am not around, the new truth of the situation is that new forces have arisen and that, in answer to those forces, I feel the need to not only NOT be quiet and turn to my iPad for comfort as I wile away the afternoon playing Angry Birds, but instead to get a great deal louder in sharing with the world or what little part of it I am capable of reaching, the reasons why I love homeopathy and the reasons why I believe with my whole heart that it must remain a legal alternative therapy to standardized allopathic medicine.

I keep telling others in the global homeopathic community that it is time to make some noise.  Indeed, high time that we shouted down those who seem to feel that it is their right to control the conversation concerning health care, just as they seem to feel the need to control control control in general…

It has occurred to me over these past weeks that if I am unwilling to stand up and be heard myself, I have no right to ask the same of others.  So, change is in the air.  A cranky old man who was once a homeopathic author and educator now wishes that his legacy be that he became a homeopathic activist.  The who what when where and how of that remains to be seen.  But you may expect from me more blogs, more books (two more in the pipeline, with more to come after that), more organizations, more media work and, in general, more noise.

And I’m just a tiny part of a big effort.  The era of holistic activism has begun.


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