I feel that I am undergoing a change.  Something that maybe has been happening in the background while I have been busy doing other things.

I think that the way I view myself in terms of homeopathy and the global homeopathic community is changing.  Not because I had intended it to, or even wanted it to, but because it has to.

Those who have been reading this blog are aware that I have been studying homeopathy for thirty years now, teaching the principles that guide its practice for twenty-five and authoring books, educational materials, articles, blogs and tweets for years as well.

Until now I have done all this for a very simple reason:  for the love of homeopathy.  As anyone else who does this sort of work will tell you, you don’t do it for the money.  With eight books in print and the next one coming out this spring, I can honestly tell you that being an author on the subject of homeopathy is one step up from being a Match girl on New Year’s Eve.

Now, however, at the moment in my life in which I thought I would lie back and rest a bit, at the moment at which many of my fellows retire or semi-retire, I have instead decided that there is simply too much work to do for me to rest on my laurels.  Although all the books I have written are still in print, and while there is a great deal that I have written on the subject of homeopathy that can speak for me when I am not around, the new truth of the situation is that new forces have arisen and that, in answer to those forces, I feel the need to not only NOT be quiet and turn to my iPad for comfort as I wile away the afternoon playing Angry Birds, but instead to get a great deal louder in sharing with the world or what little part of it I am capable of reaching, the reasons why I love homeopathy and the reasons why I believe with my whole heart that it must remain a legal alternative therapy to standardized allopathic medicine.

I keep telling others in the global homeopathic community that it is time to make some noise.  Indeed, high time that we shouted down those who seem to feel that it is their right to control the conversation concerning health care, just as they seem to feel the need to control control control in general…

It has occurred to me over these past weeks that if I am unwilling to stand up and be heard myself, I have no right to ask the same of others.  So, change is in the air.  A cranky old man who was once a homeopathic author and educator now wishes that his legacy be that he became a homeopathic activist.  The who what when where and how of that remains to be seen.  But you may expect from me more blogs, more books (two more in the pipeline, with more to come after that), more organizations, more media work and, in general, more noise.

And I’m just a tiny part of a big effort.  The era of holistic activism has begun.