Darvon?  A painkiller that’s been around for fifty-odd years now?  Turns out that for all those years it has caused dangerously irregular heart rhythms.  Think about it, fifty years of use, untold millions of patients–how many deaths might be attributed to this single medicine.  Think about it, fifty years in use, long suspected as dangerous and only now does the FDA remove the drug from use.  Think about it, think about how many drugs have been removed from shelves this year alone, allopathic drugs used in the treatment of myriad diseases, all proven ineffective or downright dangerous.  And yet, there are those who think it foolish to not want to be put in the position of taking such dangerous medications and to, instead, use the safer and more effective alternative, homeopathic medicine.


Read the whole story about Darvon in The New York Times.  If you have a moment, dig back through the some recent posts here at Psora Psora Psora and read some of the other articles.  And note, the articles used here come from two sources, the New York Times, our nation’s newspaper of record, and The Atlantic, one of our oldest and most respected publications.  These are not conspiracy theories, these are simple facts:  our drugs are not safe, they are not well-tested or safely used.  Our government does a terrible job of keeping us safe when it comes to making sure that only the safest and most effective drugs are used.  And it’s high time that we hold our representative’s feet to the fire when it comes to the issue of safety in medicine.