Re: Homeopathy & Healing

It has now been thirty years since I first became involved in homeopathy, but my interest in healing goes back another twenty-five years.

I was born sick.  I was born upside down and backward, in the tenth month of my mother’s pregnancy.  The doctors had to slowly slowly turn my in my mother’s womb.  And when I finally was born, I was a small, sickly thing.  Every six month my mother was told that I would not likely survive until the end of the year.  And yet I did.  Always underweight, always sick, allergic to everything in the environment, every food, every scent and every chemical, I always seems just one missed breath away from death.

Because of this, I was raised as the doctor’s best friend.  Good thing, too, I saw more of him than I did of my teacher or friends.

So it took my getting sick enough finally for the doctors to have no idea of what to do, for them to be unwilling to meet my eyes, but stared instead at their feet, for me to finally seek some other way.

I had, by then, moved to Connecticut, having spent a childhood flung to the four winds–the child of a military family.  At twenty-nine, I received a prognosis that involved surgery and a life of chronic pain and constant limitations and, as a result, I finally agreed to see the homeopath that a friend of mine had been recommending for the past year.  I thought that she was little more than a witch doctor, given my solid belief in standard Western (allopathic) medicine.  But within a week of seeing her, I was greatly improved.  In time and with good homeopathic treatments, I was ultimately fully healed.

And I learned then that when you are healed through the use of homeopathic remedies, you are healed indeed.  Symptoms don’t return.  Side effects are non-existent.  When you are treated homeopathically, your symptoms leave your body and are gone–completely gone.  The rules that govern your health are changed.

My life was changed as well because of this healing. I began a study of homeopathy that ultimately led me to teach homeopathy and to write about it.  I’ll write about it here, along with other topics.  But if there is something close to my heart, something that I am passionate about, it is homeopathy.

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  1. Sarah Lawrence Hinson
    Oct 16, 2010 @ 11:16:52

    Vinton, thanks for your follow on FB, much appreciated. I am moved by your personal story and it’s great to find another online advocate of homeopathy. This healing modality is amazing and awareness raising is so valuable!

    Have experienced many healings myself also. Will be checking your blog for inspiration next time I post on this subject! Namaste


    • Vinton McCabe/Psoric
      Oct 16, 2010 @ 11:36:51

      Thanks for your kind words, Sarah. And may I suggest that readers here take a look at your own site It is an excellent site, filled with great information.


  2. JustMe
    Oct 28, 2010 @ 18:08:52

    Read the above and I’m glad you proved the doctor wrong and stayed long enough around for us to meet you. Keep up the good work and keep joking! Your way of writing makes me laugh, even when the topic is serious!


  3. Daniele
    Oct 21, 2011 @ 07:06:21

    Hi there,
    I recently read your book and I believe in these homeopatic principles because I tried a particular kind of Homeopaty, in the south of France three years ago that is revolutioning my entire life. I was wondering if you ever consider the ipothesis that there is more that what you are actually explaining in the book. It is certainly true that if our life is well balance and we are happy inside we should for sure be in a good shape without hillness but after tried homeopaty I had the strong feeling (and I still have it) that our ego (body and mind togheter) is prepotent and despotic even when we recognize the symptomps as an expression of something that is not going well in our life. As an example, sometimes we can feel oppressed by a situation and so maybe we try to change it, but our ego is very impatient and it still tricks us and ruins us in the mean time that we are trying to make the situation better…actually working against its own reason to exist …and I have experienced that in my life many times. Me and other of my friends that accidentally undertook this homeopathy treatment in the south of France, we almost agree that there is something more tricky in us that the simple life is good=body mind is good….sometimes just to joke, but to give the idea of the concept we call it “original sin”. I do not know if I gave you the idea…. a big kiss Daniele (italian but actually in Australia :-) )


    • Vinton Rafe McCabe
      Oct 24, 2011 @ 13:17:58

      If I am reading your comments correctly, Daniele, much of what you have discovered about homeopathy relates to the concept of the miasms as originated and developed by Samuel Hahnemann himself. Many would, for instance, consider that the miasm of Psora, from which I have taken my screen name, is the closest thing that medicine has to “original sin.” Psora is at the root of all chronic disease and unless and until we both understand and treat that which is psoric within us we cannot ever be fully well.

      If you have not read about the miasms, especially about psora, I strongly suggest that you do so. I think you will find that the material on the subject is fascinating.

      Thanks for you comments, Daniele. I return that big kiss.



      • Daniele
        Oct 24, 2011 @ 19:16:20

        Dear Vinton,
        Firstly thank you for your reply. I read something about miasms but I think I have to read about them more deeply. Actually, through homeopathy I discovered many things that I would had not imagine before….As example, I understood like on the bottom of each biotypes, as I call the different simillimums, there is a basic problem…improperly refered by myself as the “original sin”. When I think about miasms I think always to common problems and predispositions that lay under several remedies, connecting them. But and I am realizing that is a big “but” under each simillimum there is a specific and very peculiar and very personal problem. I will give you some example, a cuprum metallicum always and always will struggle around the concept of Peace (and his counterpart War) ….and everything in their life will have coping with this fact…they can not escape from confronting with it and even the spasms that usually they may experience in life derived directly from the spasm, sorry for the repetion but it is not casual, to reach peace of mind, peace among the components of their family and so on….. A veratrum album derives more if its problems from the concept of ” truth” (and the counterpart ) …..they become fanatic, they become isteric, they may suffer of everything that can spring from the research (impossible research of Truth). A Lycopodium clavatum that has inferiority feelings and mania of controlling everything, and digestive problems and so on has this problems because they struggle with the concept of dignity, perseve dignity, matain dignity, in the end lose dignity….and all this peculiar concept ruin the life because life is just the way it is…simple, and there are no rules, no certainities, and human life is fragile….so this concepts built in our bodies are idealistic…and not real. And in order to be happy, truly and deeply happy you have to build your own life on real things, on real basis and not on an ideal, as it is build since our birth in our bodies….this fundamental problems are build in each of us… we are acting like little gods, our ego want to be god ( but it is not) . Of course, some simillimum are a little bit more lucky than others, and of course, not all of us grew up in the same place, and in the same environment and that makes for sure a difference…..the certainity is that acting like gods ruin our lifes maybe if not evidently it does in a long run. There is a famous french song that is called “je suis un homme” (Zazie) and in a certain way it explains the same concept. Sorry for the long re-reply, I do not know if I gave you an idea of what I personally experienced and shared with some of my best friends, but I think that it is a wonderful discover and I really need to share with everybody this things because I guess can be important.


      • Vinton Rafe McCabe
        Oct 25, 2011 @ 15:01:20

        I love the thoughtfulness of your post, Daniele. The fact that you have such understanding of the subtleties of the types. The Lycopodium battle with control that ultimately causes loss of control with bodily (often digestive) issues, yes. The Veratrum (here I would exchange “truth” for “Truth” as they tend to think that their own brand of truth is ultimate TRUTH) and fanaticism, all so very very good. You and your friends have accomplished much and it is to be hoped that you will continue to work and experiment and that you will one day write down all that you have discovered. And, yes, by all means, do deep research into the miasms. I think that they are what’s missing for you and that, once you plug them into the pictures you are already developing you will have a full technicolor result. Brava, Daniele.

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