Re: Psora Psora Psora

Psora is a homeopathic term.  Literally, the word means “itch” and it refers to the homeopathic concept that most chronic illness is caused by the suppression of very simple things.  Things like rashes that, because they itch, we coat with steroidal creams that, while they take the itch away, deeply suppress the symptoms of the rash so that it comes forth again in another way, as an earache or a digestive disorder.

Psora refers to a homeopathic miasm–miasm being the term we use of a pre-disposition to a disease or a group of diseases.  Diseases in the category of psora, are functional in nature.  These are the diseases that show up on no medical test, that leave patients in pain or weakness and their doctors  frustrated.  These are the diseases, like chronic fatigue, that are often considered to be ‘in the patient’s head” or, like allergies, of mysterious origin. Psoric things are hard to treat,these patterns of illness and behavior and thought are hard to break, hard to overcome.

Therefore, to put it bluntly psora means that the patient is pretty f@%$&ed up.  Somethings not right with them.  Something in the body or the head or the spirit is stuck.  So the psoric type gets stuck as well, in a pattern of symptoms or behaviors that prove very hard to break.

As I freely admit that that pretty much defines me, I own the word and name this blog for it.

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  1. Tb
    Jun 29, 2011 @ 10:19:33

    This pretty much describes me too. I’ve been stagnant and kept quiet too long. The itch that started about three weeks ago is letting me know it’s here to stay unlesd I take action. Thanks for this post.


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