First, apologies to those who follow this blog, for my delay in getting a new post up. I can only say that I have been very busy in the last few weeks working with my editor and with the production department of my publishing house getting my new book ready to go to press. But more on that in a few days when I have something concrete to announce. For today, there are other fish to fry.

Second, I want to express my joy and gratitude to the many members of the homeopathic community who are speaking up and acting out as well. I say it is high time for those who believe that homeopathy presents a valid alternative to allopathic or Standard Western medicine to speak up. And especially high time that we began to hold the feet of the media to the fire when they report as poorly as they tend to do when it comes to homeopathy. If, for example, I hear one more report that uses the word “homeopathy” interchangeably with the term “holistic” or, worse, “herbal,” I am going to make damned sure that those who made the mistake will never make it again.

It is time what we began to demand our rights to not only undertake the method of health care that we desire—both in case of illness and preventatively—but it is also time that we made our government aware of the fact that we consider our right to choose when it comes to health care to be a basic human right and not something that we are willing to surrender, now or ever. It is time for our politicians to realize that our vote is linked to the politician’s ability to prove to us (with his or her track record) that they will fight like mad to ensure that this basic right is never removed. And that in all countries in which a national health plan is in place that homeopathy is part of that plan—no and forever. Equally important, as nations like the United States now finally begin to flirt with the idea of universal coverage, it is of vital importance that homeopathy be part of that program and that those who think it is their right to block such coverage be shouted down as the petty martinets that they are.

No matter what arguments those Skeptics who attempt to want to remove homeopathy as a legal and recognized alternative to the toxins of allopathy may want to present, the simple matter is that they are trying to control our right to select the medical treatment that is most in keeping with our world view and our beliefs when it comes to health and healing. And it doing that, they overstep their rights—as their rights end where mine begin. Let me put it into all caps to make it clear: IT NEVER IS AND NEVER WILL BE RIGHT FOR ONE GROUP TO BE ABLE TO DEPRIVE ANOTHER GROUP OF THEIR RIGHT TO CHOOSE WHEN IT COMES TO POLITICAL, RELIGIOUS OR MEDICAL BELIEFS. No matter what ridicule is used, no matter what fear speak, the reality is that no one should ever have to lay down their right to choose because of the tyranny imposed upon them by others.

Suffice it to say, anyone who attempts to interfere with my right choose homeopathy or chiropractic or acupuncture when it comes to medical treatment is in for quite a fight. And I am happy and proud to see that, day by day, the number of other people who are willing to stand up and speak out along side me is growing dramatically.

We are seeing a chipping away at our right to choose. Great Britain, the home of the most of that very vocal minority known as the Skeptics, has already enacted legislation that requires homeopaths to “prove” the validity of their practice in a manner that can only be described as “Orwellian.” The sheer bullshit of the action—a means of placating the Skeptics who attempted to removed homeopathy from the National Health Care—is akin to the McCarthy hearings in the USA in the ‘50s. The results will likely be the same—a blacklist of sorts through which some homeopathic practitioners will be blocked from making statements of homeopathy’s efficacy. Statements that are made daily by food and supplement companies on television commercials and blatantly made daily by pharmaceutical companies—even though our recent history shows that those companies, more than any other, are likely to have to eat their words when their promises are proven false and their drugs proven toxic.

Why then does the British government seeks to “protect” its citizens from homeopathic medicines while allowing pharmaceutical giants like Glaxo to get by with a slap on the wrist when they are caught red handed lying about the efficacy of their products and selling tainted goods? Where is government protection then?

And why does the Canadian government—supposedly working from the same need to “protect” the citizens of is country—now feel the need to remove homeopathic remedies in the potency of 10M from store shelves? What sense does it even make? It is chop logic of the most severe sort. On the one hand, Skeptics insist that homeopathy is crap because the remedies are diluted to the point that no molecules of the original substance remain (in making this claim, they of course ignore the thousands and thousands of remedies are less dilute and have many molecules of the original medicinal substance remaining, but let’s go with it for the moment), but on the other the government feels it necessary to remove 10M potencies, one of our highest levels of potency and therefore dilution. Following the logic of the doubters, the Canadian government should have removed 6X potencies, not 10M, which are so highly diluted that most certainly no original molecules remain.

What gets me mad every time is that, Skepics and government officials alike, none of these idiots ever seem to have even the slightest understanding of what homeopathy works or why or how. None have, in my experience—and I have asked this question of many, many of them, repeatedly–have any direct experience of homeopathy. It is not as if they have visited a homeopath again and again and worked with it to achieve a healing, or studied it seriously enough to question their own values and thought processes. No, they condemn what they don’t even understand.

For instance, they continue to scream that what makes homeopathy homeopathic is the process of dilution. Not true. The basic truth of homeopathy has to do with how your look at symptoms and how you treat them, not with what. The core philosophy of homeopathy is stated “Like cures like,” not “dilute, dilute, dilute.” The core philosophy has to do with the fact that, when treating homeopathically, we always work with a patient’s symptoms, not against them.

If the doubters could start from this point and move forward from there, we might be able to have a dialogue. But as long as they wish to shout down all attempts to discuss our philosophies like adults, and as long as their bully tactics result in a slow chipping away of our rights as humans to determine our own medical care (the loss of the 10M potency in Canada may seem like a small enough thing until it is the potency you happen to need), then I say that the only appropriate response is to kick them in the balls. Once they are bent over and in pain, we could, if we wanted to, offer them a dose or two of Arnica.