In my last post I asked you how many times you have to read about how dangerous, how toxic allopathic drugs can be before you make the decision to switch to a safer, more effective form of medicine.

Today’s news, just breaking in the New York Times as I write this, is the most alarming yet.  Make sure to read the article on the business page of the Times.

That sometimes our pharmaceutical companies, while acting in good faith, accidentally produce a medication that proves, over time, to be more harmful than it is helpful is bad enough.  Not one patient, in my opinion, should ever be harmed, much less killed by the toxicity of a medication.
But when we find that a pharmaceutical company as large and wealth as GlaxoSmithKline has agreed to pay a $750 million dollar fine because it KNOWINGLY sold contaminated baby ointment and anti-depressants that the company KNEW were ineffective, isn’t it time to say ENOUGH?  How many capital letters do I have to resort to using before you will sit up, pay attention and DO SOMETHING?

The best possible something is to turn your attention away from allopathic medicine altogether before its too late.  Before you find that you have been taking a drug that turns out to be ineffective for some chronic or life-threatening disease, or worse, turns out to be more toxic to your system than the disease itself is or was.  (Hopefully is–hopefully it won’t be your surviving family members who make the discovery.)

Day after day in newspapers across the planet we are being told the same thing–that allopathic drugs are dangerous.  Some are dangerous in spite of the best intentions of the pharmaceutical companies.  Others are dangerous because of the complete distain that the same drug companies seem to feel for the consumers of their products.

It is usually considered bad business to kill off one’s clientele.  Perhaps the makers of allopathic drugs feel that they have a sufficiently large pool of customers that should a few thousand here and there fall prey either to their disease (thanks to the lack of effectiveness of their drugs) or as a result of the direct toxicity of the medicines themselves, well, others will take their place and doctors will continue to prescribe their pills and insurance companies will continue partially fund the process.

The change has to come from the grassroots level.  It has to begin with you and me.  We have to learn to say NO.  We have to seek and find another better form of medicine.  One that offers safe and effective treatments.  Why would we settle for anything less.

Read a book.  Learn about something new, different and better.  And, in the meantime, just say NO.