Here’s the thing:  As I attempt to create the internet platform that seems so damned sine qua non these days, I have issues with the fact that, apparently, the “internets” will only allow you to be one thing.  What the hell happened to the good old days when people tried to be good at everything they did–when we tried to be Renaissance men and women?

Now, if we can’t tell you all that there is to know about ourselves in three or four words, you are just too high maintenance for Google to cope with.

So here’s the deal–I have made what little name I have made by writing books about homeopathy and healing.  And I love studying, talking about and writing about homeopathy.  For me, it represents the most nearly perfect form of medical treatment that we have available to us.  It is a beautiful, healing modality of treatment.  And I would like for every person in the whole world to know about it and to give it a try.  People would be a lot better off if they did.

But here’s the other thing:  man does not live by good works alone.  I want to spend as much time making people laugh as I do making them reconsider their chosen form of medical treatment.  I want Psora Psora Psora to be as much a pun of a movie name as it is a homeopathic reference.  (See the link on the left of the page for more information on that.)

Do your agree?  Do you, in your own life, want more than just what your day job has to offer?  I say that, comes the revolution, we will be free, as the Army used to say, “to be all that we can be.”  I say we grab that little motto by the throat and claim it as our own.