I fought it as long as I could.  When my friend Stephanie said that I was born to tweet, that I would have pithy, witty things to say, I reminded me that, under normal circumstances, I can’t write my name in 140 characters (or whatever the amount you get is).  I write sentences that Henry James would have criticized for being too long.  I use dashes, parentheses and semi-colons in my spoken speech.

But a boy’s got to do what a boy’s got to do.  And now I have joined Twitter.  And Facebook.  All while I should have been busy writing the proposal that Bob the Agent is expecting.  (If you are reading this, Bob, I am kidding–being dramatic to build a readership. Of course I am working, day and night.  The proposal will be in just in time for the hurricane.)

So I am at Twitter as @psoric.  Or you can link to it off my LinkedIn page.  And then there’s my Facebook page, but I am one of those people who limits everything to friends only.  I always hated that until I actually joined myself.

Upcoming is a web site of my very own.  Then I will have finished my “internet platform”.  So get off my back about it, Bob.