Experts in such things say that the two times of year in which the human body responds best to a juice fast are in the earliest part of Spring, just as the buds begin to show on the trees and during the high heat of summer, when the idea of eating anything much seems more than humans can bear.

Today, I begin my third juice fast.  As always, I have chosen to begin during the Dog Days of Summer, hoping to ride out the heat of August with the cool calm that the juicing brings.

A juice fast is not, in fact, a fast at all.  Key to the whole success of a juice fast is that you so cram yourself full of freshly-made organic juice that you cannot imagine eating or drinking anything.  You have to stay full, in order to fast.

The whole idea of a juice fast is that if the body is supplied with enough nutrients that have been presented in such a manner (ground up and liquified) that the body does not have to digest them, then the body will be able to take the energy (and a great deal of energy it is) that is applies to digestion of the fried, greasy, doughy, cheesy, and/or mawkishly sweet things that are usually eaten and use that energy for the sake of rebuilding, repairing, and generally healing the body.  And, as the body is flooded with nutrients and not with poisons, it will have a chance to detoxify itself as well.

Detox, in fact, is the sole purpose of the first week to two weeks of the fast, depending upon how toxic the system is going in.  Detoxing is a nasty thing, nasty to go through and nasty to watch.  As you detox, your tongue turns white, your mouth can get filled with blisters, your whole body can give off a nasty smell, as things come pouring out of your skin, sinuses, bowels and and urinary organs.  With mixed pleasure (it feels good once its gone) and horror (it looks terrible as its happening) you get to watch your bloat unbloat, your swollen feet unswell, rashes come to the surface and then fade, and your tongue, your once normal pink tongue, turn into a flokati rug for days and days, until that magic day about half way into the month-long fast, when you look in the mirror and see that it is clean and pink once more, that your eyes are shining and that you have cheekbones once more.

By the second half of the fast, you are not longer tired and achy as you were while undergoing detox, instead, you are filled with clarity and energy.  By the end of the month, should you make it all the way through, you find yourself seeing auras and talking to trees.  At this stage, it is best to begin to slowly re-ontroduce solid foods.

In the past, when I decided to undertake a fast, I did so with great organization.  I prepared, as you must, beginning the week before the fast, by slowly, slowly giving up on specific foods, from proteins to grains, from complex to simple, all the while beginning to juice, once a day in place of a meal, then twice, then, finally juicing all day, four or five good juices, but no meals.

And so I have begun today, without the strict determination of past years.  Instead, this year, I started because, through a freak accident, I managed to dislocate my jaw while eating flan.  (Another story, another time.)  Even after I had my jaw realigned by my chiropractor, I found it too painful to chew anything very solid, and, as August was just around the corner, I decided that it was a sign from God, and began to prepare for the fast.  My goal is, as always, a full month of juicing.  But whether, under the circumstances, I will have the strength to go the distance, time–and this blog–will surely show.