A friend emailed me today to say that she was present for the launch of my new blog today and that she thought it very exciting, except that one of my posts had been so long that she hadn’t been able to finish it.  (Maybe she was reading in the bathroom–she didn’t explain.)

Truth of it is that I tend to think that you can never use too many words.  Maybe this is because when I first was working as a writer–I was the movie critic for a small weekly paper (a paper so small that I had to pay for my own ticket) in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I was paid by the word.  As I remember, it was only a nickel a word, but, as I soon learned, if you can be longwinded enough, it adds up.

And so began a life-long struggle with words.  I’ve tried weeding, hoeing, but they just keep growing back.  I can even claim to be the only person who can read Henry James and suggest just one more adjective in a given sentence.

But, I get it.  I understand.  Although it is better for everyone involved if I blog instead of tweet,  I will endeavor to shorten, tighten and otherwise restrict the prose from here on in, sweeties, so things should be better from here on out.